EDT ecosystem.

Korean Wave, Korean Language Global Phenomenon.

The global education market worth 800 trillion.

Building loyal customers for EDT.

Korean mentor management.

Various motivational learning programs.

EDT community.

Sharing the value of educational products and tokens.

Expanding the EDT token ecosystem.

Benefits of participating in the globalization of Hangeul (Korean script).

Opportunity to win scholarships through games.

Providing systematic mentor management services.

Earn money by studying.


Hangeul (Korean script) globalization EDT education service.

Social background - Demand for learning Korean worldwide.

Learning goals - Anyone can easily and enjoyably acquire Korean Language Proficiency Test (TOPIK) levels 2 to 3.

Learning tools - Korean language videos and multilingual Korean folktales.

Learning methods - Self-directed learning & online.

Learning management - Systematic mentor assignment and management upon registration.

Learning rewards - Various scholarships, games, and opportunities to visit Korea.